Presented by teachers emphasizes physical, social, emotional and intellectual development. The classrooms are set up into eight Discovery Learning Areas, which include: Art, Manipulative, Blocks, Dramatic play, Library/Writing, Science, Music and Math. Daily Lesson Plans will establish activities in each that will encourage children to “Discover”, question, and interact as a group, or individually throughout the day. Lesson plans also include one service project per month where children will learn to serve others in small ways without reward.

Our curriculum is center wide and includes monthly and weekly themes that are incorporated through daily circle time, reading, science, music, dramatic play and art projects. We also focus on the alphabet, shapes, numbers and colors.

Kids learn best when they are having fun! We tailor our curriculum to each child's unique learning style. Our kids enjoy the hand-on activities that Children’s Discovery Learning Center provides daily!

At Children’s Discovery Learning Center, we offer days packed full of activities. All of our activities help the social, physical, intellectual, creative, and emotional development of children. 

Our activities include: 

  • Group stories, songs and games 
  • Music and movement 
  • Creative Exploration (art)
  • Math Concepts
  • Block Play 
  • Large & Small motor development
  • Science Explorations
  • Dramatic Play
  • Outdoor Play
  • Circle Time
  • Character building activities

Children's Discovery's Curriculum is based on our exclusive "Criteria for Excellence" program.

  • Sign Language Curriculum - for all infants, toddlers & preschoolers
  • Academic Pre-School: a.m. - p.m. sessions and fulltime 
  • For ages 6 weeks through 6 years 
  • Full-time infant care
  • Private quiet nursery
  • Full and part-time toddler and pre-school programs
  • Nutritious, home-made hot meals and snacks 
  • Creative, educational programs and field trips
  • Large muscle play areas -- indoor and outdoor
  • Long-term, experienced staff
  • A safe, caring environment 
  • Private, Whole Day Kindergarten - Low teacher to child ratio 
Wide range of schedules:
part time -20hrs
middle rate 20-30hrs
full time +30hrs
Associated with the Federal Food program,
offers free meals including formula/baby food
Tuition assistance programs